Used Paddles and Sails for Sale

All white bladed paddles are Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Hybrid 210 Fiberglass-reinforced abX resin.  4-piece.  They are super light, high performance paddles and one of Aqua-Bound’s higher end paddles (as compared to my normal aluminum shaft rental paddles).  All 4 have 3 seasons of use.  My biggest issue with them is that the material on the inside where the blade comes inside the shaft, when exposed to water can create a friction and tightness that makes them very difficult to pull apart until they are completely dry which can take several days because you can’t get air in there easily.  This happens less than half of the time they are used.  The center connection has consistently worked, so worst case scenario you have a 2-piece paddle instead of a 4 until things dry-out but wanted to give a fair warning to potential buyers.    When you order, please designate which design is on the tape and/or which number so I know which one to send.  There are no splits on the blades so they should all be essentially the same as far as defects and functionality goes.  $60/paddle

The last paddle on the list is a Bending Branches 220 paddle, bought in an emergency two years ago.  Used once.  2-piece. $40

2 Wind Paddle Scout Sails- both used once to test them out.  Nothing wrong with them, people just didn’t want to rent them.  $80/each plus shipping.















Yellow Zebra Stripes #1













Pink Leopard Spots # 2